Working with Tracey Shiel was a breath of fresh air! She provided me with opportunities to stretch my thinking and discover my potential as a Middle School Assistant Principal. Thought provoking conversation always led to positive changes in my instructional leadership. She challenged me to think deeply, while encouraging me to be true to my values. She always has the best interest of the students, staff and community in mind while coaching. She is extremely organized, an effective communicator and a great resource. Having the opportunity to work with Tracey is one of the best things you can do for your professional growth.

It was a pleasure working with Tracey Shiel. She was always able to provide support and assistance especially with difficult topics and conversations. Her feedback was genuine and bite-sized which made it more attainable.

When I worked with Tracey, I was serving the position of Assistant Principal on Special Assignment: Instructional Reform Administrator. I highly recommend the facilitation and organizational skills of Tracey Shiel. Tracey is highly effective in facilitating group discussion and collaboration. She has incredible patience with challenging group dynamics and the ability to humbly listen to differing points of view without losing track of an overall mission or goal to move forward. In addition, Tracey takes on challenging scenarios within an organization and clearly synthesizes top priorities in order to successfully plan forward. I highly recommend Tracey Shiel for your organization!

Working with Tracey Shiel is a delight! She is professional, knowledgeable, and effective as a presenter and staff developer. In advance of her visit to our school, she and I communicated to pave the way for work with our staff. She was thoroughly prepared and had much to offer to the teachers in our building. My school staff readily connected with her and worked cooperatively to meet the explicit outcomes she established from the beginning of each day’s training. Each day’s work was well-organized and provided an effective balance of new learning, practice opportunities, and opportunities for extending thinking and application. I would eagerly welcome the chance to have Tracey work with us again.

Tracey served as my Leadership Coach for two years as I took on my first principalship at Harlan Elementary School in Wilmington, DE. During her service, Tracey provided me with extensive coaching and resources. She helped build my leadership capacity in the areas of data analysis, distributive leadership, as well as building my understanding around the Common Core State Standards. Tracey provided Harlan Elementary with initiative assessments to guide our plans for school improvement. She also facilitated professional development for our staff, transforming our professional learning communities to be data-driven. Tracey was a significant factor in strengthening my ability to maintain a leadership focus and shift the instructional culture at our school.