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On-site Balanced Leadership Coaching occurs in your school building or district and it consists of a combination of coaching to enhance leadership capabilities and consulting by providing personalized professional development.


On-site coaching can range from one hour to eight hours depending on your focus. Ideally, on-site coaching would revolve around achieving school improvement goals and any other important issues or topics at that given time.

Coaching would commence with the development of an implementation success action plan for each of the initiatives in the school improvement plan if they have not yet been completed. This could be accomplished by a leadership team, or depending on the initiative aimed at achieving the goal, it could be developed by an individual leader. During this process, the vision for the initiative would be discussed and the present reality which reveals the “gap.” The actions steps that are created close the “gap” between the reality and the vision.

Each on-site visit Balanced Leadership Coaching session would have a focused session on progress on the implementation success action plan. The remainder of the day would be structured as needed by the building/district leader. This could consist of conducting joint walkthroughs focusing on one of the initiatives from the school improvement plan, such as the implementation of learning intentions and success criteria.

A coaching session would follow, to discuss the evidence that was gathered which could be used to make adjustments to the implementation success action plan. Time could be spent reviewing data that had been collected or planning for a challenging meeting with a confrontational parent. With enough lead time before the on-site visit, I, your Balanced Leadership Coach, will prepare a personalized learning session for a leadership team, faculty, or the leader himself/herself on a topic of interest.

Throughout the day, I will actively listen, ask thought-provoking questions that challenge your thinking, and provide personalized professional development as needed. The goal of Balanced Leadership Coaching is to enhance your leadership capabilities and to achieve your school/district improvement goals for the benefit of your students and staff.

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