Off-site Coaching

Off-site Educational Leadership Coaching – Thought Partners

Off-site Balanced Leadership Coaching occurs over the phone or through Skype and is scheduled for one hour. The conversation focuses on either an important issue in which support is needed on that particular day or on the implementation of school/district improvement initiatives.

On any given day an administrator is planning a meeting, taking action as a result of a meeting, writing a proposal for a pilot program, or creating the opening day welcome to staff. Being an administrator can be a lonely position and even though a trusted administrative assistant can give you some feedback on your welcome speech, she may not be able to provide the perspective of how a teacher would receive it. Having a Balanced Leadership Coach providing thought provoking questions as you write the speech or after you have written the speech will help you reflect on what you are or have created. It will make you think differently or about something you never considered.

If one of your school improvement initiatives is on increasing Writing to Learn Strategies, the coaching conversation could focus on the implementation of that initiative. If an implementation success action plan has yet to be completed, that would be the starting point for coaching. Each subsequent session would be focused on the implementation action steps. For instance, you may want to talk about the fact that when you conducted several walkthroughs to ascertain the progress being made on implementing writing to learn strategies in classrooms that “think-write-pair-share” was the only strategy being used and some other strategies such as Cornell Note taking, ABC lists, or RAFT were under utilized.

Throughout the session, as your Balanced Leadership Coach, I will actively listen, ask thought provoking questions that challenge your thinking, and provide personalized professional development as needed. The goal of Balanced Leadership Coaching is to enhance your leadership capabilities and to achieve your school/district improvement goals for the benefit of your students and staff.

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