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School Improvement Plans

This school improvement planning process helps to facilitate the development of school improvement plans through data analysis in order to identify root causes, determine goals, identify research-based strategies to target root causes, determine cause and effect data to monitor progress, timelines to monitor progress and a process to review data and adjust school improvement plans.

Implementation Evaluation

Once a strategy or initiative, such as reciprocal teaching, designing and using performance tasks, learning intentions and success criteria, is implemented it is necessary after a certain period of time to determine the level of implementation across the school or district through an implementation review. A scoring guide is created around several strands about implementation research as well as best practices associated with implementation and the initiative.  Then tools are created to gather data on the level of implementation including online surveys, interviews, classroom and or district observations, cause and effect data, and document review. All the information and data is evaluated to determine the level of implementation on the scoring guide. This allows for decisions to be made on implementation and its impact on student achievement and growth.

Special Projects

If there is a special project that needs to be complete, please contact me to determine if I can be of service. Other services that I have provided include reviewing school improvement plans, developing rubrics for the 2015 ISLLC  Standards, and developing tools for walkthroughs, supporting principals on the implementation of walkthroughs, and designing a format for writing teacher evaluations. Let me know your special project and we will determine if I am the right fit to complete it.

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