Balanced Leadership Coaching is a blended model consisting of coaching and consulting. So, in addition to offering Balanced Leadership Coaching, Thought Partners also provides educational consulting. The educational consulting consists of educational services and professional development seminars or workshops.

As a result of my years as a teacher, administrator and educational consultant for two different companies I have a wealth of knowledge on a variety of educational topics. Additionally, I stay well read from a variety of sources including journals, books, Blogs, educational associations and educational websites.

Educational services consist of School Improvement Plan development, Implementation Success Action Plan development, Implementation Evaluation, and special projects. The seminars include Designing and Using Performance Tasks, Building the Base to an Instructional Unit, and Reading to Learn. I am able to provide professional development on a wide range of topics associated with literacy, assessment, data analysis, leadership, or another topic of interest. Additionally, I am certified by Corwin to present Visible Learning Plus seminars, Learning Intentions and Success Criteria, and Common Formative Assessments 2.0. However, these three seminars must be contracted through Corwin. Visit and select On-Site PD for more information on each of the above three seminars.

Work with me to customize your consulting day(s) or combine Balanced Leadership Coaching with your consulting day(s).