Balanced Leadership Coaching


Balanced Leadership Coaching is a blended coaching model that focuses on providing education leaders and leadership teams, at the district and school level, with leadership coaching and consulting. 

In an Education Weekly blog, principals revealed that the main obstacle to finding a leadership coach was a lack of educational leadership experience. “Leaders and teachers want to know that the person coaching them understands the role they are trying to coach.”

As a Balanced Leadership Coach, I possess the coaching competencies recognized by the International Coaching Federation, and years of educational experience at the classroom, building, and district level.  

Additionally, I provide educational consulting services to help teachers and educational leaders exceed their potential for the sake of the students they teach and support.  

Leaders are often “naturally creative and resourceful” when it comes to learning on their own. But there are times when an educational leader needs personalized professional development so they have the knowledge to enhance their leadership “skills, resources, and creativity.”

Educational leaders such as principals, superintendents, and other district office administrators often see having a coach as a weakness. This is because they hold leadership positions and are viewed as more than capable of leading their school, district or department on their own. 

Instructional coaching for teachers is commonplace but educational leaders have been hesitant to engage in coaching.

Recent research by the Wallace Foundation on principal mentors has put a crack in that barrier. Having a coach should not be a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength and integrity to enhance your leadership capabilities to ensure school/district improvement goals come to fruition and students and staff thrive. 

Become a Better Educational Leader

Exceed your leadership potential, improve your school or district, and help your students excel

There are two options for Balanced Leadership Coaching: on-site or off-site

On-site Balanced Leadership Coaching
occurs in your school building or district. It consists of a combination of coaching to enhance leadership capabilities and consulting by providing personalized professional development. On-site coaching can range from one to eight hours depending on your focus. Ideally, on-site coaching focuses on achieving school improvement goals and other important issues at that given time. You determine the focus for the allotted time.

Off-site Balanced Leadership Coaching occurs over the phone or via Zoom and is scheduled for one hour. The conversation focuses on either an important issue in which support is needed on that particular day or on the implementation of school/district improvement initiatives.

Now is the time to engage the services of a Balanced Leadership Coach so you can exceed your leadership potential. Strive to thrive professionally and personally for your benefit and the benefit of the students and staff in your school or district.    

It is time to hire a Balanced Leadership Coach for yourself or the administrators in your district. Let’s get started.

Create an environment where
students thrive

Exceed your leadership potential, improve your school or district, and help your students excel

Working with Tracey Shiel was a breath of fresh air! She provided me with opportunities to stretch my thinking and discover my potential as a Middle School Assistant Principal. Thought provoking conversation always led to positive changes in my instructional leadership. She challenged me to think deeply, while encouraging me to be true to my values. She always has the best interest of the students, staff and community in mind while coaching. She is extremely organized, an effective communicator and a great resource. Having the opportunity to work with Tracey is one of the best things you can do for your professional growth.
— Susan L. Irland | Retired Principal, WCSD