About Me

Tracey K. Shiel

After a few years in the business world, I recognized that my heart and mind were not committed to trust agreements and compliance but to education and learning. I made a change to follow my true calling and that was the best decision I made for me professionally and personally. Every day I am grateful that I get the opportunity to work with educational leaders and teachers so they are at their best for the teachers they lead and students they teach and nurture.

I started as a middle school social studies teacher followed by a middle school remedial reading teacher. After six years in the classroom and obtaining my educational leadership certification I had 11 years as an education administrator including middle school principal, school business administrator, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction and interim superintendent. In 2005 I started as a part-time consultant and in 2008 became a full-time consultant focusing on curriculum, instruction, assessment, data analysis and leadership coaching.

Thought Partners was born in 2013 as I worked as an independent consultant for Corwin. However, leadership coaching is my passion. Educational leaders are in charge of leading buildings and districts and can make a positive impact on both staff and students In this day and age, being an educational leader can be very stressful. Thought Partners now provides Balanced Leadership Coaching and research-based educational services such as facilitating school/district improvement plans and professional development on a variety of topics. My goal is to support and develop educational leaders in leading classrooms, schools, and districts so all the students in their charge thrive in all aspects of their lives.

I have been certified as a Leadership Performance Coach, a Hallmarks Educational Coach and I have recently completed an International Coaching Federation (ICF) recognized coaching program in order to obtain Associate Certified Coach status. I have provided leadership coaching to Department of Education administrators, district administrators, building administrators, and instructional coaches to support the achievement of a critical project as well as to develop their leadership capabilities and that of those around them. My leadership coaching model is called Balanced Leadership Coaching, which melds together coaching techniques, with consulting components. You will not only get a certified leadership coach but access to personalized professional development based on my years as an educator and consultant. I continue to work for Corwin and am a certified presenter for Visible Learning Plus, Common Formative Assessments 2.0, and Learning Intentions and Success Criteria. All of which are closely connected and aligned with each other.

From my years in the classroom I still retain a passion for classroom instruction and assessment, specifically using performance tasks for instruction and assessment. I have authored two books on the topic including Designing and Using Performance Tasks: Enhancing Student Learning and Assessment (2016) and Engaging Students through Performance Assessment: Creating Performance Tasks to Monitor Student Learning (2011).

I bring a wealth of real-world experience and research-based knowledge to my coaching, presenting, facilitating, planning and implementing support. I am a strong communicator that pays attention to details to provide powerful educational services to my clients. Referencing my Balance Leadership Coaching, principal Dr. Susan Frampton states, “My work with Tracey Shiel has benefited my staff, community, and most importantly my students. Well versed with current research and the ability to affect change, Tracey supports me by asking the difficult questions that challenge my thinking. As a guide, Tracey helped me clearly assess where we were as a school, plan where we are going, and monitor our progress. My work with Tracey gets results for my students and provides me with a safety net when the going gets tough.”

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