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educational leaders

Thought Partners provides Balanced Leadership Coaching to enhance your skills and knowledge, improve your school or district, and help your students exceed their potential.

Enhance your leadership skills

Coaching and consulting that strengthens and expands your leadership knowledge and skills.

Make your school or district shine

Get the professional development and support needed for school or district improvement.

Help teachers & students thrive

Working together, we can inspire others and improve education.

Students need your leadership.

Balanced Leadership Coaching is one of the most important investments you can make for yourself, your career, your school, and your students, but where do you start? I provide a structured leadership coaching model built to help you grow personally and professionally as a leader, implement change, and help your students thrive. Learn more...

Coaching and Consulting Services for Educators: Leaders and Teachers

A Balanced Leadership Coach will actively listen and ask you powerful questions that challenge your thinking and move school improvement forward. Implementation of improvement plans is the nemesis of school/district improvement efforts. Ensure your school or district initiatives are implemented with fidelity with the support of Thought Partners Balanced Leadership Coaching and Consulting services.

Balanced Leadership Coaching

Balanced Leadership Coaching is a blended coaching model, coaching and consulting, that enhances educational leadership skills and knowledge while achieving school/district improvement goals.

Thought Partners Consulting

Thought Partners Consulting provides professional development seminars and educational services to educators that support achievement of school/district improvement goals.

Do you want to...

Improve your educational leadership skills? Improve your school and/or district?

Create an environment where students thrive?

What leaders in education are saying about Thought Partners Coaching

My work with Tracey Shiel has benefited my staff, community, and most importantly my students. Well versed with current research and the ability to affect change, Tracey supports me by asking the difficult questions that challenge my thinking. As a guide, Tracey helped me clearly assess where we were as a school, plan where we are going, and monitor our progress. My work with Tracey gets results for my students and provides me with a safety net when the going gets tough

Dr. Susan Frampton 

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Meet Tracey Shiel

Tracey Shiel is an author and consultant with over 20 years in the field of education. Through Thought Partners, she provides research-based educational services including:

  • Balanced leadership coaching
  • Professional development for educators: Leaders and teachers
  • Educational Services (planning, implementing, evaluating)
  • Special educational projects of the highest quality.

Her passion is with coaching educational leaders to achieve school and district improvement goals so students exceed their potential while enhancing leadership capabilities.

Want to create a school or district environment where students exceed their potential?